Senin, 03 September 2012

Mini stroke symptoms for women

When it comes to mini stroke symptoms for women, the first question that probably comes to mind of the people is what exactly is a mini-stroke. A mini stroke is, on many occasions, considered a sort of warning to the possibility of a regular shot to appear. If there is a mini stroke are not taken preventive measures, you're incurring the risk of suffering another stroke (and perhaps biggest, as well). In the United States, there are about 500,000 mini strokes every year. When we talk about a shot, it's usually tied to brain cells get damaged. As you probably know, the brain is responsible for virtually every activity in our daily lives, but to do so, it needs oxygen. The blood that comes from your heart and brings the oxygen the brain needs. In a stroke, there is some sort of blockage of the vessels that carry blood, which stops oxygen from coming into brain cells. What are the symptoms of a Mini stroke for women? The signs bearing a mini-stroke are directly related to how serious is attack. These symptoms appear instantly and last usually at any time by a few minutes for a whole day and disappear. Don't let the disappearance of symptoms make you forget that this is a very serious condition that must be treated to prevent further damage. Despite being different from a normal shot in concept, the symptoms that appear related to it are virtually identical, except that when you have a mini stroke, symptoms will not last for more than 24 hours (make sure you check a doctor as soon as you detect or suspect that some of the symptoms of stroke, as the only way to truly prevent the damage that leads to brain cellsIf it was properly with enough time). With the right side of the brain making the left side of the body and vice versa, when the signs are visible, probably will be only marked on one side of the body and not on both. A common method to see if there is something wrong with someone is to ask to smile. If the smile reveals an asymmetric might be a very visible symptom mini stroke for women. Mini stroke symptoms for women: First, muscle weakness is probably one of the easiest ways to detect a stroke. In particular, take note of any strange behavior of the muscles of the face, arm or leg. Is probably more noticeable only on one side of the body. A feeling of numbness is very commonly reported. Although it is not always the case, if the attack occurs in the speech of the heart, you'll notice right away that the person will have difficulty speaking and understanding what people say. Sometimes (again, depending on where the attack actually occurs) could be the mood and emotions that get affected, causing some very sudden mood. Memory leaks, writing and reading difficulties, dizziness, having a hard time walking are a few very common signs. When noticing any of these symptoms of mini-strokes for women is best for you to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Therefore, you must take care of your heart.